Who Needs Jesus?


Sex. Money. Drugs. Alcohol. Fame. Power…

Or more specifically, temporary satisfaction. Every enjoyment of this earth, whether good or evil, is temporary. Now I’m not one of those guys who say “oh, sex is a sin under all conditions and money is absolutely horrible.” However, like a fire, the joyful aspects of life will only remain so if contained. For instance, I am aware of the benefits of marriage. And believe me, as a single man, I look forward to said benefits one day. However, when the flame of sex escapes its controlled firepit, it can destroy lives. The same concept applies for money. We live in a world controlled by money; you work a task/job to receive money, and then use the received money to purchase a product or give to someone else for their own work. Money in itself is not evil; it is necessary (at least in Western society). It is the excessive desire for money that is evil and sinful. This concept of “desire” can be applied to practically every sin, for every human is born with the natural inclination to want more of everything.

And so is the cycle of life. You want more of everything. You wake up and want more premarital sex. You wake up and want more money. You wake up and want more power. You wake up and want more, until one day you realize that everything you want does not satisfy. You realize that you have been looking in all the wrong places. You do not know what you are looking for, but you know you have not found it yet. Most people reach this point in their lives and continue searching for satisfaction in all the places they have tried, continuing to fall short. Some, however, reach this point and find what they have been looking for: Jesus. Is this not the representation of every single human being’s life? We all begin as hopeless, unsatisfied souls longing for joy, yet seeming to never find it. Those of us who have found Jesus have found true satisfaction. The love of Jesus is the only thing that will completely fill one’s soul with joy. The love of Jesus is the only addiction that leads to pure satisfaction and ecstasy.

I believe every person is looking for Jesus; they just don’t know it yet.


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