New Year: Cheer or Fear?

A new year has dawned upon us, and the time has come to set resolutions that we will only keep until February. A majority of those wanting to work out more will end up cancelling their gym memberships, and those trying to lose weight will probably start eating junk food again by the end of this month. So often do we as people strive for a better life, yet eventually settle for how we were before. We have become too comfortable, thus we lack motivation to take risks and further improve our lives (as well as the lives around us). However, breaking our resolutions is not anywhere near the worst of our problems. Death and devastation abound across the globe. Within five minutes of watching the news, it seems as if the anchors will cover three shootings, a terrorists attack, and the latest political scandal. With a numerous amount of horrific acts taking place in the world, it seems as if we have abandoned all hope and allowed fear to enter our lives. However, we must remember all the good that has happened to us both presently and in the past. We have advanced as a society and have created medicine to combat illnesses. We have enhanced our ways of transportation by creating cars and planes. We have unified as countries to defeat those who wish to do us harm. And most of all, we have received a Savior as the greatest gift to all of human civilization. Indeed, evil exists and is lurking throughout the shadows of our lives; however, goodness overflows and liquidates evil. So, the question for this year is: are we as a society going to cheer for all the goodness in our lives, or are we going to fear the evil that can be overcome?

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