A four-letter word that begins with “F”

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.

In modern society, many attributes make up humans. One characteristic found all across the earth, in every person, is fear. Fear plays a role throughout our daily lives and leads to most of our decision making. Whether applying for a new job or going into a battlefield, fear is constantly whispering into our ear. We wonder things like, “what if I do not get the job? What if I do not succeed? What if I fail? What if I die? What if…?” Fear can tear us down, causing us to be irrationally afraid and paranoid. Fear can also help us. For example, it is good for us to have caution and worry about our enemies wanting to attack us. However, when that fear begins to overwhelm our lives, then the enemies have already won. Terrorists use fear as a weapon to strike worry and horror in our lives. We as a society must learn to control fear, rather than fear controlling us.

Sometimes, we need fear. Life without fear would be a life that ends rapidly. A reason why people do not jump off of cliffs is because they fear that they will die. People tend to not speed because they fear of getting a ticket and/or in a wreck. People carry their wallets in their front pockets while in cities because they fear being mugged. These forms of fear are perfectly rational, and can even save our lives. However, fear can hinder our lives as well. When we let irrational fear rule our lives, we become discouraged and lose hope. Fear can so easily disrupt and ruin our lives, but if we handle it correctly, fear can help us. We, both individually and as a society, must learn what is worth fearing and what is not. We must also learn how to properly handle fear and how it can actually benefit us. Bottom line: we must realize that God has already overcome all that we fear and is greater than all that stands against us. Once we realize this, we will know peace and not have to worry. As Franklin Roosevelt once said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”


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