Who We Are


We are brothers. We are sons. We are friends. We are young men seeking and learning what it means to follow Jesus, pursuing Him in everything we do. We seek adventure and Life, listening to the whispers of Eden we hear along the bustling streets of cities and the lushous wildlife of jungles. We relentlessly battle the paradoxical monotony and hustle of the postmodern Babylon, and rid our lives of hurry whenever possible to enjoy the fruits of Zion. We pray for the Gospel to permeate our lives and those around us, and we do our best to abide in Jesus so we may live and love as we were meant to. In a world of cynical inquiry and subjective truth, we fight for child-like faith and a foundation of resurrected hope. To echo the words of C.S. Lewis, we know nothing of religion — only Christ. Sometimes our church is a brick and mortar on a Sunday morning, and other times it’s a bonfire and a cigar on a Friday night. Regardless of where we gather, we seek the King and His Kingdom. Some of our best conversations have been while sipping beers in Jamaica, but we spend much more time than we’d like sipping coffees in Starbucks. Plenty may look at us and say we’re crazy, but at least we have the kahunas to step out of the boat and look to Jesus. The Evil One has blinded the eyes of so many, and we are reminded of the Eternal conflict in movies such as Braveheart and Gladiator. We desire to live with passion and purpose in a world that is rapidly losing both, and we continue to pray for an ever increasing boldness of identity in Christ so that we may be confident in who He is and in the men we are becoming. We are warriors. We are poets. We are loyal friends, servants, and sons of the One True King. Our lives are marked by adventure, battle, laughter, love, and life. We fight against the unengaged life, for we know it is not worth living. We desire the shalom of Genesis 2, not the sin of Genesis 3 — but we aren’t afraid of making some chaos in order to make peace. Perhaps some day we will be husbands and fathers, leaders and teachers; perhaps one day we will be mentors and coaches, counselors and missionaries. But until then, we will continue being the young men we are, stepping out into the frontier of a fallen world and being discipled and fathered by the God of the universe. We live for the decade, not the day — but each day effects the decade. This life is a battle, but we look forward to the feast. This is who we are.

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