Glock 19 – Best Handgun ever?

In 1988, the handgun that would change the world was released. As the little brother of the Glock 17, the 19 became an instant hit among civilians, as well as military and law enforcement personnel. Known for its rugged reliability and simplicity, many say that the Glock 19 is the epitome of a polymer, striker fired handgun. Although many dispute this idea and consider it the “Toyota Corolla of Firearms”, the factual evidence surrounding the Glock 19 provides reason to believe that it may very well be the best polymer handgun. For instance, the 19 is considered the most popular weapon used for concealed carry in the United States. Even with the production of many brand new guns, the Glock 19 still reigns supreme among the concealed carry world. As far as reliability goes, the 19 (and Glock in general) is famous for its ability to work in all conditions, seeming to never fail. While other firearms fail to operate after merely being dropped, the 19 has been proven to work after being covered in mud, dirt, sand, water, and every other element one may encounter. In fact, the function and reliability of every new polymer handgun that hits the market are instantly compared to that of the Glock 19. The reliability may be what it is known for; however, the fact that parts and accessories are much more available and cheaper for the 19 than every other polymer handgun is just another reason many consider it the best. Holsters, magazines, and spare parts are seemingly found in every sporting good store and gun shop. Yet, some still argue that the 19 does not deserve the number one spot among handguns. Many point out the flaws, such as the not-so-good trigger and the horrible factory sights. Still, even with its flaws, there has yet to be a polymer handgun that can be definitively considered better than the Glock 19. Virtually every firearm company is racing to create a handgun greater than the 19, yet all seem to fail. However, the new CZ P10c is rumored to be an official “Glock-killer” and knock the 19 off of its throne. As much as I and other enthusiasts are patiently waiting for the dethroning, there is little argument disputing the 19 as the best polymer handgun currently on the market.

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